Saturday, 5 October 2013

Most creative LOGOs u can come across.....


The VAIO logo also represents the integration of analog and digital technology with the 'VA' representing an analog wave and the 'IO' representing a digital binary code.  


The A-Z message, the smile, the bent Z.  Brilliant logo.  It took a while to get to it, but it's great.

Spartan Golf Club
Having both spartan face and the taste of Golf


Sun Microsystems

Made of only the letter 'U'



“There are two traditions concerning the significance of the BMW logo and trademark, offering two different interpretations of its sky blue and white fields. One interpretation points to a rotating propeller. The other relates the BMW logo to Bavaria as the place where the products are manufactured.



The Fed Ex arrow existing in the "Ex" that stands for "Express"



Initially they used 31 separately but now they have incorporated 31 into the logo. Which symbolizes there 31 flavors.

Formula 1

A ubiquitous logo, beautiful use of the negative space for showing '1'. Also the fade effect is synonymous to speed.

The Renault logo

If you see the logo carefully, you'll realize that the square within the logo is impossible in 3D



It depicts the intended message of sharing knowledge and information without the communication barrier.


It lets you store audio in the cloud

Apple featuring Steve Jobs


Most of people don't see there's a letter "C" in the logo...


  1. These are really most creative logos which come across now a days. These are very important as all these logos have their own meaning behind their own company logos


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