Friday, 8 February 2013


1.Did you know when you press F11 when looking at a web page (in MOST cases), the top and bottom extra bars disappear and you see more of the page and less of the browser? Press F11 again to get back to "normal."

2.If you hold down the Control Key and turn the mouse wheel the print on many pages, especially web pages, gets larger and smaller. You get the same effect by holding down control and pressing the plus or minus keys.

3.If you take a desktop computer somewhere, lay it down on its side in the car, with the motherboard side down. The motherboard side is the side with the most plugs and slots close to it. That keeps the RAM and cards from falling out during the jostling drive.

4.Gentle! Easy Does It...!!! ;)
Don't tie those cords, especially LAN cords, like you are wrapping a present! They have tiny wires inside that can easily break. Wrap them loosely. If your internet connection is erratic, it COULD be the cord.

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