Friday, 21 February 2014

Could not load shockwave flash plugin... (Solved)

Simply open a new tab and type the following in the address bar. chrome://plugins 

Nnow we are here at the plug-ins tab, lets see who is the one causing the plug-in error which prevented us from watching videos in Chrome. The error did mention ‘Shockwave Flash’. So find the plug-in Adobe Flash Player – Shockwave Flash. You would find two versions of the same plug-in installed/enabled. But actually,only one is fine

Click on Details to see more options for the plug-in. Now you see both the versions with a Disable option attached to each one.
Disable the one version that points to C:\Users\.. and keep the version pointing to the C:\Windows\.. enabled (As shown below).

Dats it..check now...everything will be as normal as HELL ;) 
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